The Family's Legal Building Blocks
The Family's Legal Building Blocks

Incorporation Guide

Here are the steps to follow to incorporate a company in Germany

A) Notary (1 week)

  1. Go to the notary.
  2. You sign the notary deed with the UG/GmbH Articles of Association and Shareholder Agreement
  3. The notary sends copies to the Finanzamt (IRS) 

B) Bank (~4 days for the whole process)

  1. Go to bank with notarized copies of foundation and open account
  2. Pay the share capital (depending on the amount that you chose)
  3. Pay the notary (~800€ for Gmbh, standard form UG: 350€)
  4. Pay the commercial register (~180€) 

C) Commercial Register (2 - 4 weeks)

  1. Inform the notary that you paid the share capital and he will apply for registration with the commercial register
  2. Allows the registration and your UG/GmbH comes into existence 

D) Permits / Registrations / Regulations

  1. Fill out the form for Gewerbeamt (trade office) => 30€ online (find link)
  2. IHK (chamber of commerce) will come to you and charge 80€ every year -
  3. Within one month after the notary appointment, get in touch with the DRV (German Pension Insurance) (form online link) to check the MD’s social insurance status (and make sure there’s no problem)