The Family's Legal Building Blocks
The Family's Legal Building Blocks

IP Transfer

Before you start working with a freelancer or a contractor you should always agree on how and to which extent IP is transferred. However, in case you rushed into work right away, here is a template for you to go back in time and secure your IP. This becomes especially important in due diligences and anyone taking a serious look at your company will either check out your IP history or rather get a warranty from you that you own it all. However, make sure that you compensate(d) the creator of the IP adequately for the transfer to be valid.

The term “IP” includes any source code, trademarks, texts, images and videos that are not trivial.

This template is designed to give you the rights for previous and for future IP out of the relationship with the freelancer or contractor.

IP Transfer for work done/to do32.9KB